Fabio Casati

Fabio Casati was born in Milan in 1972.
At the age of 19 he startes to study architecture at the Politecnico in Milan. Then he moves to Barcellona, where he get started to photografy.
In 1996 he moves to Australia to complete his studies in architecture.
After his diploma, in 1999, he works as studio assistent at the Superstudio 13 in Milan, and improves his relationship with photography thanks to the several collaboration with worldwide photografers.

In the same period, Fabio starts to work as a loader first, and then as focus puller in different productions as music videos, commercials and three feature films (La grande Prugna, Honululu Baby and Onde).

Since the beginning he shoots tests for music videos and commercials as Director of Photography.
In 2003, he shoots with Rocco Chiarella as director the spot for Mazda, wich wins a Silver Award at the Young Directors Award in Cannes and goes into the shortlist at the AD Neww York Festival.

In 2005, Fabio starts a collaboration with young director Maci Verdesca that ends with the shooting of In Religioso Disagio. A short film who was prized in Milano Film Festival and in competion at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

Fabio has filmed for directors: Luca Lucini, Pol Penas, Giuseppe Capotondi, Paolo Genovese, Harald Zwart, Brian Baderman, Riccardo Paoletti, Luca Merli, Maurizio Alzati, Franceso Fei, Rocco Chiarella, Gaetano Vaudo, Michele Mortara, Rich Lee, David Popescu, Philp Carter, Paolo Zambaldi, Marieli Froelich…
Fabio shoot 2 features films with Massimo Leonida Bastoni as director: Mandala - Il segno (2008 digital) and Backward (2010 RedCam). In 2010 he shoot with Massimo Verdesca W Zappatore (16mm) that won the Brooklyn Film Festival 2011.